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Isnin, 18 Oktober 2010

when a girl with her sucker oppinion!!

awak x kan faham selagi awak x tanye saye.. saye cintakan awak tapi i know u dont!!!
full stop... stop bubling la jamal... she never thinkking about you anymore..
huh go make a plastic sugery than come to her!! thats are what her want!!!
understand.. but i will say dis to her.. dey.. the super duper perfect girl in the world...
once you tell me that u love someone which he has a good looking than i will never love u anymore!!
take the good looking,hot and cool guy than bring him till die.poodah!!.. can he bring u a heppiness???
answer it if u get the answer!!!
take all of this and u gonna go to ..!@#%@#^

yeah im am ugly than other guy!!
yeah im small than other guy
yes im looking like 15!!!!
so do i care???
huh please judge a book by its cover eh!!!
one bird goes without wing like gonna kill him self!!
thinking what i said!!!

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